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Despite my professed love of fantasy RPGs (particularly the Final Fantasy series), I do also enjoy other genres.  I like to have a few games on the go at once, so I can tailor my game playage to my mood (and location).  Usually this means two or three DS games, one or two Wii games, and a PS3 game. Currently I am playing:

  • CrossworDS [DS] – Have been playing this on and off for well over a year and it was definitely worth the money.  I have about 70% of the hard crosswords, and 60% of the bonus crosswords left.  Everything else is completed.
  • Animal Crossing Let’s Go to the City (aka City Folk) [Wii] – I have a love/hate relationship with Animal Crossing.  I haven’t played in 10 days as I’m trying to divorce it.  But I feel somewhat co-dependent and will probably never truly break up with it.
  • Uncharted 2 Among Thieves [PS3] – Started this highly anticipated sequel recently (after I preordered it and got an awesome bonus canvas satchel).  The scenery is amazing, and I never thought I’d be good at a shooter style game, but as 20 headshots so far attests, turns out I am not too bad after all.
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Anticipated playage in the near future:

  • Little King’s Story [Wii] – Am about 25% through this deceptively cute game but it got very difficult so I needed to stop and get a walkthrough.  I now have said walkthrough but have fallen into the trap of starting a new game (Uncharted 2) which distracts me.  One adventure at a time is really all I can cope with!
  • Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks [DS] – Bought this at the local EBGames on release day with the hardcover collector’s guide and was waiting to finish Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box before first playing.  Love Zelda games – so excited to play!
  • Assassin’s Creed 2 [PS3] – I preordered this wayyyy back and opted for the Black Edition which comes with a black Ezio figure, conspiracy book, and some extra bits and pieces (including downloadable content).  I played through the first bit which started right where the first game left off.  Very excited to play this one – but I need the strategy guide first!
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Recent completion:

  • Professor Layton and Pandora’s Box (aka the Diabolical Box) [DS] – finished this about a week ago.  Very enjoyable game, albeit a stretch to my sometimes weak brain in terms of lateral thinking and mathematical puzzling.  I admit to cheating a bit, but only in the earlier parts was I very naughty.  Typical Layton twist at the end.

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