Final Fantasy XIII excitement

The highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII is now out in Japan and the US very soon (we have to wait *hmpf*)

I received my weekly PlayAsia update email today, with the latest game releases and specials, and I am very excited to see a limited edition FFXIII PS3 is available to order.  I really hope it is released in Australia, because if so, I’m getting one.  My husband’s response:  “OMG!!!! If that comes out down here we would have to get it!!!!!!!” Yes, he really used that many exclamation marks LOL!
(Marvel at the splendour – so worth buying another PS3 to have this one!)
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For the 10 year anniversary of FFVII, a new chapter (Crisis Core) and limited edition PSP was released – I had to have it.  I haven’t even played it much yet, but at least I know it’s there on the shelf waiting for me…

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