Writing Task – Gamer Girl – a personal bio

I’m Tehkella, and I love video games and everything about them: gameplay, artwork, concepts, plots and stories, mythology, symbolism, and the escapism. I love being someone I’m not, in a place I could never visit. My favourite genre is fantasy RPG, due to my love of all things fantasy (Tolkein, Brooks, and Dart-Thornton; Labyrinth, Neverending Story, and the Dark Crystal; and of course Dungeons and Dragons). My other hobbies/interests include: cross stitch, seahorse keeping, eating chocolate, worshipping my cat/god (Zeus), sci-fi/fantasy TV, earth religion, fancy dress, and amassing a collection of footwear to rival Imelda Markos. I’m married to a wonderful games-addicted husband, and we live with our two cats in Tasmania, Australia.

This is a pic of last year’s Xmas stash, which I think epitomises me:

(games and chocolate mostly!)

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