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Well I finished my second run through of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on Saturday.  Despite playing on the next difficulty (Normal), I found the final boss fight easier than the first time.  I expect this is because I knew what to do, and had worked out a good strategy (run away, occasionally shoot the blue resin to explode over the bad guy, run away again).

I thought I’d go back through a few chapters to get the final achievements I needed (about 15 medals/trophies) but after an hour of replaying the same scenario and messing up the “five headshots in a row” medal, I was jack of it all, and decided to call it a day.  So, I consider Uncharted 2: Among Thieves done and dusted.  Gosh I hope they make another one soon!

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Afterwards, I went off to the flicks to see Avatar.  It was fabulous!  A lot of the traversal scenes made me feel like I was playing Uncharted LOL!  So I’m going to do a bit of research into the Avatar game on PS3 and see if it is worth picking up.  A lot of movie games are pretty crap – they seem more like a way of making money than actually having decent gameplay.

Hmm… decided I would check it out now, rather than talking about it.  I took a look at this review on Gamespot for the XBox 360 version, and it ranked 5.5/10 with a player average of 7/10.  I judge my games based on Gamespot reviews because I consider them a pretty credible source (although I have seen some discussion recently about their lack of objectivity due to paid reviews, but the player average scores are a good indicator of further credibility).  If the GameSpot review is low, but the player score is 7 or more, I usually will get the game if I want it.  However in this case, I will get it only if it is cheap!

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Meanwhile, I finished Mystery Stories on DS.  It was an easy distraction from some of the more hardcore games I’ve played of late (e.g. Final Fantasy IV!), but I found the storyline too ridiculous really to take it seriously.  Oh well, that’s one more game I can mark as completed on my GameCollector database.  Which by the way, is such a cool tool.  I recommend buying it if you have a decent sized game collection (no, I’m not affiliated with them, I just find it really handy).  They have an online version now that I’m considering using on my iPod Touch so I can check my games list when I’m in a store – to make sure I don’t buy something we already have LOL!

Gosh this is a long post LOL… so now that I have finished Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, I have decided I should get back into Little King’s Story on the Wii.  This is a cute looking game, but really hard!  I am about a quarter through and keep getting my butt kicked.  I’ll just have to persevere!

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