Writing Task – Entering the Conversation

This week, I’ve joined a Final Fantasy discussion forum, and posted on a thread about the difficulty of Final Fantasy IV for the DS, a game I recently completed.

Here is my post (available at http://www.thefinalfantasy.com/forums/final-fantasy-iv/60093-ff-iv-ds-too-hard-3.html#post1246519 )


Hi everyone, I’m new 🙂

I was first introduced to the series through FFVII, as I’m sure a lot of people were, my next foray was FFIX which was also an excellent game (loved the card minigame).  Since then, I’ve been collecting the series on various platforms and have been working my way through from FFI.

I recently finished FFIV for the DS, and I agree with the original poster as to the difficulty level – I found it quite challenging in comparison to the others I’d played.  I also found it less engaging than, say, FFVII.  I can’t really put my finger on the reason why this is – perhaps just nostalgia!  The minigames were good, but not as fun and interactive as the ones in later games.

I ended up having to be a naughty cheater and using Action Replay to complete the game.  I just got so sick of farming jellies for a stupid Rainbow Pudding, and also the fact that early on I stuffed up augment use (and subsequently missed out on Palom and Porom’s augments) – it all just added up to a less than favourable gaming experience for me.

So my main points about the difficulty levels in FFIV relate to the “missability” of augments and some monsters, and the randomness of item drops.  0.2% for a rainbow pudding is just mean.

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