The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

At the moment, I’m heavily into Spirit Tracks on DS.  I really enjoyed Phantom Hourglass and the controls work very well with the stylus arrangement.  Both these Zelda installments would arguably be the best use of stylus control of any DS game so far (I’m sure some of my many [lol] readers would disagree, and if you do, I’m happy to hear your opinions).

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I’m probably about halfway through the game, maybe two thirds (not having checked the length of the entire adventure, but I’m guessing based on where I’m at in the walkthrough)*.  On the whole, it’s a fun, relatively easy game, with plenty of side quest action to prolong its longevity.  However, I admit to being occasionally frustrated by some of the sneaky little mean bits that you often come across in the Zelda franchise.  I’m talking mini games.  The one I’m hating on at the moment is the whip race.  I have to complete the course in under 1 minute, 15 seconds.  My best score is 1 minute, 21 seconds.  In the end I had to move on because I was concerned at my heart rate level, and the fact that any second I was about to stab the stylus through the screen and/or throw my limited edition Pokemon Centre DS Lite across the room, smashing it into the seahorse tank.  Not good on so many fronts.

I also hate those boss battle mini games.  You know the ones – fight your way through heaps of rooms of enemies, with no health drops anywhere.  I’m at the level two one (which has three former bosses).  I wasted 20 minutes on that.  Argh.  And those damn rabbits, they are so unpredictable.  Where will he go next, when he stops bouncing?

Anyway, despite my frustrations, I am enjoying the game and it will definitely keep me interested in the franchise until the upcoming Zelda title on Wii.  Excite!

But for now, I really should put in some time on Dragon Age: Origins.  I’m only at the Mage’s Tower and it’s soooo hard.  Maybe I need to drop the difficulty down to easy… maybe.

* Don’t judge me 😛 I have so many games, I just need to zoom through them to keep up.  If you’ve seen my collection, you’d understand.

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