Long overdue update

Oh dear, it’s been so long since I posted!  Well, my blog course is over and I did well.  Lots of dramz have occurred since then which have prevented me from posting, but here I am!

My latest game playage is:

  • Pokemon SoulSilver (DS) with Pokewalker – I have 6 badges and am about to enter Mt Mortar.  I also need to sit down and import some of my Diamond pokemon because they are awesome and tough!  Having fun playing and getting added benefit from the Pokewalker.  What a great addition to the game! 🙂
  • Lock’s Quest (DS) – just started this a week ago.   Not my usual kind of game, as this is more turn-based strategy than I expected.  I was lured in by the fact that the game developers were also the crew that made Drawn to Life.  I have a ‘collector’s gene’ which makes me want to hoard all offshoots of a franchise or developer.  This is a very expensive flaw!  I am only up to Day 13, so lots to do still!
  • Endless Ocean 2 (Wii) – very relaxing and fun to collect all the different fish and explore the seas of the world.  I’m not sure I really like the addition of aggressive/dangerous animals (e.g. sharks that attack you, or lionfish that poison you if you come too close).  This detracts a little from the sereness of the game, but it is a good evolutionary step from the first game.  I am doing a bit more exploring before heading to Japan to visit the Aquarium there.
  • Dragon Age: Origins (PS3) – finally started playing this again on the weekend, after deciding to stop months ago due to our lack of a decent TV (thanks, Samsung, for your pathetic customer service – but at least you finally delivered with a new TV, so I’ll give you that!).  I finally escaped the Fade, and last night I went and recruited Shale.  I am surprised by his refined, gentlemanly (yet ascerbic) voice.  Not what I expected for a golem!

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  1. I agree – the Pokewalker is great

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