Studying computer games

Have started my long-awaited elective for my BA (Internet Communications)… Computer Games at RMIT.  We are at week 3 and I’m really enjoying the content and assignments.  This really just feels like a nice break for me, and it’s given me more time to play games and enjoy them.

First assignment was to write a game review.  Not too hard for me, but still waiting on results yet, so we’ll see.  I decided to write a traditional style review on Dragon Age: Origins.  Will post it here once it’s been marked 🙂

Eternal Sonata: current game addiction

Just an aside, I’m playing a new game.  I gave up on FFV – it’s being remade for DS so I’ll wait till then (I’m sure it will still happen, despite technical difficulties).  So my latest gaming venture is Eternal Sonata on Xbox 360 – first game I’ve played on the Xbox incidentally.  It’s graphically gorgeous and colourful, and the battle system is a bit novel, and fun.  I’m enjoying it!

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