TR5 done, what’s next

Finished Tomb Raider Chronicles yesterday.  It’s strange how these older games seem to take very little time these days to get through, but back when they were new, it felt like I spent hours and hours and days and days playing them.  Perhaps I am just far superior in my gaming now – or my advanced age makes the time go faster.

I’ve changed my mind about next games on the list – I am going to play original Zelda on DS (using GBA slot).  However this game is ridiculously hard so I will be sporting a selection of lovely cheats in order to experience the game without experiencing an inordinate amount of frustration and console smashing.  Stay tuned.

Possibly the hardest game in the world

BTW, my preorder of Uncharted 3 should be available this week, so this coming weekend will entail much slavering over the lovely Nathan Drake, and Naughty Dog’s amazing water effects.  Or sand as the case may be.  I’m getting wiggly just thinking about it!

4 Comments on "TR5 done, what’s next"

  1. Well no wonder games keep on flashing by if you’re cheating! play ’em like they were meant to be played! =P

  2. I only cheat when it gets to be not fun anymore. And if cheats weren’t meant to be used, they wouldn’t be available! So there 😛

  3. So many games, not enough time! Back in the day, when you only had 1 console and a handfull of games you had the time to invest tens/ hundreds of hours into all games. Now, with collection of over 20 systems and over 1000 games, the tolderance factor for frustrating areas is reduced, hence the need for cheats or you will never get to play much of your collection.

  4. Oh Hub, you have it so right. I would like to make a dent in the collection before my fingers seize with arthritis

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