Assassin’s Creed 2, Viva Pinata and Skyward Sword

Since my last post, I’ve completed Assassin’s Creed 2 which was utterly enjoyable (as was the first one).  Very much enjoyed the addition of the villa, and the upgrades that came with, as well as the ability to swim.  Simple things amuse!

I’ve also been playing Viva Pinata which is becoming way too much like work so I’m keen to put it aside – I did play the DS version extensively, so I should have known better really!

At the moment I’m attempting to enjoy the latest Legend of Zelda offering, Skyward Sword.  I’m not sure exactly what it is that’s not sitting well with me – the fiddly controls, the overly bright colours, the horrendous bird flying sections, the time delay between sword swing and connection with an Octorok’s spit seed, the general annoyance of Zelda and Link’s relationship (can you say co-dependence?), the fact that the game refuses to allow me to play it while reclined sloth-like on my couch and instead forces me to sit pert and erect like an enthusiastic student.  It’s just not doing it for me – I guess I was spoiled by Twilight Princess.  Nothing will ever top that.  *sigh*

Seriously, WTF is up with her nose!

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  1. The swordplay with the wiimote is woeful. I think if you try to use it like an actual sword, you will typically slash in the opposite direction you want (as you will normally move the wiimote first away from the center of your body, then across in a full slash). You soon realize you have to just “flick” in one direction, not swing like a sword.

    As you get further through the game though, it gets more disappointing which is a shame. Without spoiling – there seems to be a lot of “Go here!” … “But I just went there” … “Go there again! – This time it’s slightly harder!”

    The bow/sling shot etc also seem to take a step back. No longer using the sensor bar, and using wiimotion+ instead. Feels much less responsive/accurate.

  2. Well I’ve recently finished the game (the day you posted I think). It certainly got better (I think because I got used to the controls), but it was definitely not the best Zelda game I’ve played. I had a lot of trouble with my wiimote acting up – not sure if that is a fault with the controller itself, or to do with where I sit in relation to the sensor bar.

    Regardless, I managed to sink about 70 hours into the game and mostly completed everything except for a few side missions.

  3. Oh and one thing that drove me crazy was the Rickety Coaster minigame. The wiimote would *not* believe the way I tilted and would do the opposite. I managed to get through it on the original run through, but then afterwards it just acted up every time and I gave up in frustration!

  4. Yes! Finally something about pinatas.

    From Tehkella: I thought this is probably spam, but at least it was relevant 😉

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