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Amongst my serious gaming, I like to partake in what is often deemed ‘casual’ gaming – very much games that you pick up and play whenever you want to zone out or just have a few minutes to kill.  Sometimes there is a cross over into ‘social’ gaming, which is where the game being played is hosted on a social network such as Facebook.  There is a bit of debate about the terminology in academic circles, but this is my interpretation and I’m sticking to it (it worked okay for my degree, so let’s run with it!)

There is a site I go to daily to play my quota of casual games, and this site is called KadoKado.  If you haven’t seen it, do check it out because the big benefit of this site is that you earn points that can be converted into Amazon credit!  Sure, it takes a while to get enoug points, but hey, it’s free and you were going to play the games anyway!  You can opt to purchase special gems to get extra plays if you want to.

I also like to play at GaiaOnline (that’s a link to my profile).  I especially like the site’s MMORPG which is called zOMG.  It’s more quests and fighting than RPG, but you do have a bit of inventory management with your rings (these are your main equipment and what you use to fight).  The site also has a stack of other games you can play, plus you can buy items for your avatar and dress it up (a very fun part of the site if you ask me).

The standalone casual games I’m playing at the moment are Secret of the Magic Crystals (PC), PicrossE (3DS) and Quest Trio (DS).

Secret of the Magic Crystals is a horse management sim which requires you to train and breed special horses until they are high enough in level to take on a quest to find a magic crystal (level 5).  The game is simple but requires a lot of time to get anywhere.  But it has unicorns, so that was a major drawcard for me!  I picked this up some time back on Steam for about $5.  If you get it and can’t figure out how to save (like me), press the Escape key and then you’ll be set 😉

Uuuuuuunicorn! Uuuuuuuuuunicorn! (10 points if you guess the reference correctly)

PicrossE is a new release (just out this week!) to the Nintendo eShop and costs $7.50AU.  If you love picross games (like I do!) then definitely pick (no pun intended!) this one up because it’s true to the genre and promises value for money.  I’ve finished all the easy and most of the normal puzzles, but still have two levels worth to go so I’ve truly gotten my $7.50’s worth!

Full of 8-bit wonder!

Quest Trio is (as you’d expect) a trio of JewelQuest games combined into one cartridge (JewelQuest Expeditions, JewelQuest Solitaire and JewelQuest MahhJong).  There is a bit of a story behind my acquirement of this game.  I had had it on my wishlist for literally years after seeing it on PlayAsia.  I waited and waited for it to be released here but never saw it.  Sure, I’d seen the three individual games, but there was no way I was forking out $40 each for them when I knew Quest Trio existed.

Well earlier this year, whilst my husband and I were visiting with my awesome sister-in-law (his sister), we were shopping in the local Kmart.  There was a surprisingly great range of games stocked there, including lots of stuff I’d never seen before.  As I was fawning over what to buy, all of a sudden we all spotted a copy of Quest Trio sitting there on the shelf, nice as you please.  It was one of those moments where the stars align, and all is right with the world.  Suffice to say, there was much rejoicing afterwards.

The holy grail of casual puzzle games for the DS – now you are mine!

What casual/social games do you like?  Give me some more places to play!

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  1. Awesome-sister-in-law | September 12, 2012 at 7:48 pm | Reply

    Oooooh thanks for the heads up on the Picross game in the 3DS store (runs to start downloading) will be fab for my upcoming trip!

  2. Hello world I must say this difficult online game is really brilliant.! however I carnt get a big score on this puzzle game! But it is still a fun classic game. Plus I quite had fun trying to solve this puzzle. cheers!

    From Tehkella – this reads like spam, but the link is kinda relevant

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