LEGO games = 100% Completable (the holy grail of gaming)

Today I want to write a bit about how frustrating I find most games.  Being a completionist, I have a compulsive urge to collect all items, complete all side quests, battle all enemies and upgrade all weapons.  This can turn a generally enjoyable game into a thing of Lovecraftian nightmare.  At the moment, I’m playing Enchanted Arms on PS3.  This is a fairly straight forward game with linear story, and not too much map exploration.  The point of the game is somewhat Pokemon-esque with some 150 or so golems to find, collect and synthesize into your party.  Sounds reasonable, right? I mean, 150 golems – that’s equivalent to Pokemon Yellow, which seemed achievable, not like this 650-strong Pokemon White rubbish.

Never catch ’em all. Actually, I have quite a lot of these…

However. In order to collect all these golems, there are a few side missions you need to complete towards the end of the game.  I know this because I skimmed through a walkthrough yesterday to work out how much longer I need to play this game (as I am tiring of it – the female characters have extremely annoying, grating voices, the protagonist is really dumb, and the constant talk of “this right arm” is just bothering me for some reason).  I then realised that these side missions will give me, upon completion, a reasonable chunk of my golem collection – maybe 20 or so.  Really tough ones.  That I probably won’t actually use because my four main characters are a good team.

In order to get these golems, I have to run a series of gauntlets against them.  You see, to collect a golem, you usually have to fight and defeat it (Pokemon comes to mind again, just no Pokeballs thankfully).  So that’s going to add some, let’s see, 15 hours of extra gameplay I reckon.  If I’m tough enough.  Which I won’t be, because early on I got annoyed by random battles, and skipped a bunch of them, so my level is about 7 below what it should be at this stage – so I either have a shitload of grinding in my future, or wasting a stack of healing potions possibly to no avail.

I felt a little photoshopping was in order… my skills are by no means worldclass, but you get the point!

So this leads me to the main topic of this post.  LEGO games.  This series of games, modelled after popular movies such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman, and Harry Potter, are truly the holy grail of completionist gaming.  LEGO games are absolutely 100% completable.  In no more than about two run throughs.  And are way fun doing it.  I mean, you collect multipliers to increase your stud count, you get new attacks or spells, you collect different characters and outfits, it’s just joyous.  The thing I really love about LEGO games is the pure fun.  Smashing stuff, collecting studs, the thrill of adding to your collection, it’s all just fun.

I recently finished the second Harry Potter LEGO game and it was just a lovely gem of good times. It inspired me to watch all the movies again!

Not only are the characters beautifully rendered in LEGO awesomeness, the game play and story is fun and engaging (and often hilarious)

I have nothing but good things to say about the entire LEGO series, and I am terribly excited to play the next installment, LEGO Lord of the Rings.

What other LEGO games would you like to see?  LEGO Back to the Future?  LEGO Terminator? Post your suggestions in the comments!

8 Comments on "LEGO games = 100% Completable (the holy grail of gaming)"

  1. The LEGO games are awesome!

    I too would like to complete games to 100% but get annoyed when to do so you just have to waste time going back around looking for things or doing really hard tasks, so I generally give up on the annoying ones.

    • I haven’t played the Batman or Star Wars ones, because my husband did and I’m a bit weird about repeating games as we have so many (LOL) but I am tempted to try them out.

      I find it really hard to reconcile not getting 100% completion on other games. I write notes and checklists and feel disappointed when I can’t complete them. I like games, and I play a lot of them, but I am not really good at them 😛

  2. I think lego Trauma Centre wood be good!

  3. Lego Avengers!

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