Pokemon – never EVER catch ’em all

I sit here trying to reconcile shelving yet another Pokemon game, without having been able to catch ’em all.  I put over 100 hours into Super Pokemon Rumble.  I have one world rank upgrade left to go (which costs 50 million pokedollars – I have 1.5 milion, and money is not easy to come by), 19 Pokemon to get (17 of which are all forms of the same Pokemon, Arceus), and two final stages to complete (in order to unlock Arceus and MewTwo).  The final Deoxys form (Defense) that I need to get is proving recalcitrant, but that’s not the problem.  It’s trying to beat those two final stages, in order to unlock the other Pokemon.  I am happy to trawl through dungeons waiting for a random spawn of the Pokemon I need, but I just can’t beat those stages to unlock the ones I need.  I have tried every combination of tough Pokemon I have, I’ve consulted various hints and guides, and I have persevered to no avail.  From what I gather, I need tougher Pokemon, and specific ones at that.  Which means, more trawling through dungeons for more hours, hoping to catch the one I need, and then STILL having to try to win those battles.

I am at my wit’s end.  Three hours ago I said to my husband, “I think this will be the first Pokemon game where I’ve caught them all!” Oh woe, for tempting the Pokemon gods.

Don’t let the bright colours and happy faces fool you, this game will fill you with sadness and despair

So.  This has made me ponder on my past Pokemon failures.  Besides Super Pokemon Rumble, I’m currently trying to get back into playing SoulSilver.  I finished the main story, and now am on to the post-story adventure.  I have about 400 Pokemon to collect.  400!  And that’s after 70 hours of gameplay!  So I tell myself, “just speed run through this one, because you have to play White, before you can play White Version 2 which you just bought last week”.  And this is the story of my Pokemon life.

The first Pokemon game I played was Pokemon Ruby.  Back in those halcyon days, I thought Pokemon was cute and fun.  I had no idea what horrors would befall me once I gave in to this insidious addiction.  The feeling of failure haunts me on a daily basis…

What started out as an achievable collection of 100 or so, has spawned and spread to a veritable plague of epic proportions. No one is safe, should these dastardly creatures ever swarm.

There are many Pokemon games, and I have most of them – these are the main “colour” based games:

  • Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow (I started Yellow in a ridiculous attempt to ‘start from the beginning’ and catch ’em all then transfer them to each subsequent game… this has so far no eventuated due to intense anger)
  • Pokemon Ruby, and Emerald (I couldn’t beat the final boss on Ruby, so I gave up and transferred a bunch of Pokemon into the next game)
  • Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green (I made a valiant effort with Leaf Green but again, couldn’t catch ’em all, so transferred as many as I could to the next one.  Thankfully my Fire Red was a preowned cartridge, so I was able to benefit from the hours spent by its previous owner to get some of the ones I hadn’t caught)
  • Pokemon Diamond (again, put heaps of effort into this one but was unable to catch everything, and then the next game came out and I transferred some to that)
  • Pokemon SoulSilver (trying to at least finish the post-story adventure and then move on)
  • Pokemon White and Version 2 (gahhhh!!!!)

These are also non-standard (spin-off) Pokemon games I have which I have also not been able to fully 100% complete (or have not had the heart to play yet):

  • Pokemon Mini Puzzle Collection
  • Pokemon Mini Zany Cards
  • Pokemon Mini Pinball
  • Pokemon Pinball: Ruby & Sapphire
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team (put heaps of time into Blue but became frustrated because you could only catch a handful of Pokemon each day)
  • Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Darkness (I stupidly bought this because I’m such a completionist)
  • Pokemon Pinball
  • Pokemon Trading Card
  • Pokemon Silver, Gold and Crystal
  • Pokemon Channel (I pretty much finished this one at least)
  • Pokemon Puzzle League
  • Pokemon Stadium
  • Pokemon Dash (invested a huge amount of time but eventually had to use a cheat to complete it due to high difficulty!)
  • Pokemon Trozei (couldn’t figure out how to collect the final 4.8% of my Pokedex)
  • Pokemon Colosseum (got too hard for me!)
  • Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (got stuck in the battle tower)
  • Super Pokemon Rumble (so close, yet so far)
  • Pokemon Battle Revolution (beat the final stage, but there are apparently still things to do)

And here are the Pokemon games that I have managed to complete fully:

  • Pokemon Ranger, Shadows of Almia and Guardian Signs (the only Pokemon games I have truly finished)
  • PokePark and Wonders Beyond (unable to complete one minigame in the first one, but did get all the Pokemon.  I haven’t played Wonders Beyond yet, but I expect it to be similar)
  • Pokemon Snap (I did complete this on the Wii thankfully!)

As you can see, that is a pretty poor ratio.  Mathematics tells me that out of all these games, my success rate is 18.75%.  That’s a fail by any grading method.  Being a high achiever who consistently received distinctions and high distinctions throughout 7 years of university study, means this does not sit well with me.  And yes, I did compare university study to Pokemon.  I’m sure these a thesis in there somewhere.

So tell me, humble readers, what Pokemon games have you played and have you ever “caught them all”?

Oh hello, next bane of my existence!

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  1. I’ve never even completed the story mode of a Pokemon game, let alone caught them all! I think I went the furthest with Fire Red (back when I didn’t own many games). Technically every Pokemon game I own should be on my pile of shame, and I keep thinking I will go back to complete at least the story modes to all of them one day. But then Animal Crossing will come out and all good intentions will go out the window…

  2. Oh forgot to add… I do love the novel peripherals the Pokemon games come out with – if 90% of the collection element could have been completed just by using the Pokewalker, I would have gotten heaps further! The wireless adapter was also an exciting addition pre wifi. I am tempted to buy the Pokemon Dream Catcher game, but that would mean getting Black 2, which would immediately go in the massive shame pile…

  3. So frustrating!

  4. Well I decided to shelve Super Pokemon Rumble tonight and have instead been playing SoulSilver. Trying desperately to resist the urge to level up and evolve all my Pokemon. Instead I caught Ho-oh after only two tries. I call this a successful Pokemon night!

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