Q3 2012 – Game Playage

Even though I’ve been much better about blogging regularly, I thought I’d stick to my quarterly game playage posts so I can consolidate all that I’ve played over the past three months into one easy post.  Then I looked back and realised I’ve only completed three games this month (albeit sizeable ones) and I thought it was a bit dumb even posting because I’d already written about all three in previous posts.  Well it’s technically four if you count Super Pokemon Rumble, even though I’m still playing it.

Then I realised I’d done a couple of Steam games too which don’t show up in my Games Collector database because I stupidly haven’t put them in.  So I guess it’s not that bad an effort but I do feel a bit cheaty by even making this post.

Nevertheless, I’m a stickler for self-imposed routine, so here’s my list of games completed this quarter, with handy links to the articles I’ve written about them:

At the moment I’m playing Pokemon SoulSilver (still), Quest Trio (still), and Super Pokemon Rumble (still) and I just today completed Muramasa the Demon Blade, which I’ll post about shortly.

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