Male Video Game Characters – my secret crushes

As there was so much interest on my post about my secret crushes on female video game characters, and because it was specifically requested, I present my male video game character crushes (in no particular order).

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy VII)

My first ever video game boy crush.  The hair.  The sword.  The outfit.  Just all kinds of hotness.  Plus chicks always dig a bad guy!  And don’t forget, he had his own awesome operatic villain music.

He's also in Crisis Core, so there's some inspiration for me to play!

He’s also in Crisis Core, so there’s some inspiration for me to play!


Kratos (God of War series)

He’s not really that attractive a guy despite his impressive muscles, but there’s just something about him that would make me totally okay with him throwing me over his shoulder and taking me back to his lair to have his wicked way with me.  And then stride off into the night to kill yet another god.  Swoon.




Alistair (Dragon Age)

I don’t really need to say because I’ve said it all so much better in a previous post.  Oh, Alistair, our love will burn eternal even if you married someone else (at least in my run through of the game!)

Now, now, put your clothes back on!

Now, now, put your clothes back on!


Keats (Folklore)

It wasn’t until the first time he unleashed his fae ability that I saw him for the phwoar-worthy guy he was.  It’s been a while since I played that game, but I haven’t forgotten the elevated heartbeat at the sight of his bare chest and lightning eyes!  You know what I mean, girls.  And if you don’t, play the game INSTANTLY.

Very sad I couldn't find a better pic.  You'll just have to play it!

Very sad I couldn’t find a better pic. You’ll just have to play it!


Nathan Drake (Drake’s Fortune series)

He’s witty, good with a weapon, and wears his jeans really well.  Also, he’s like the boy version of Lara Croft, and you know how I feel about her!  Nate also looks good dirty.  Nothing like a blood-stained t-shirt and dirt on your face to make a girl’s loins quiver!  Just ask fans (i.e., me) of the explosion scene at the end of Con Air.  Best Nicholas Cage scene, ever!

Nathan Fillion should play Nate in an Uncharted movie.  You agree with me.

Nathan Fillion should play Nate in an Uncharted movie. You agree with me.


Ezio / Altair (Assassin’s Creed)

My preference has always been Altair, but recently I’ve come to quite enjoy Ezio’s company, especially as he got older and more rugged looking.  Essentially they are the same guy in looks, as is Desmond, but I don’t go much on old Des.  His outfit is too boring.  I quite like a man in a hood and cape, it seems.  Also, how can you go past someone both pretty and agile,  vengeful and resourceful?  Plus he was really sweet (if a bit stalkery at times) with Cristina.

So earnest!

So earnest!


Snow (Final Fantasy XIII)

The trench coat, the beanie, the unkempt blonde hair, the clean-shaven chest.  Oh and don’t forget the Shiva motorcycle.  Why are you with that boring little child-like Serah, Snow?  You need a real lady!  Ditch the kid, and get with someone more your style – maybe Fang?

Just leave the crystal behind, dude.

Just leave the crystal behind, dude.

Did I miss anyone vital?  Tell me your boy video game crushes in the comments!

15 Comments on "Male Video Game Characters – my secret crushes"

  1. Ah Alistair, I will always carry a torch for my main fangirl crush…. And though I too lust for Kratos I know he would never call…

  2. It’s not just the lust for Alistair though – I thought he was a bit of a smart arse to start with, the love affair unfolded slowly. It’s not so much lust,as awkward romanticalness that draws me to him 🙂

    • True, you are absolutely right. I really liked how it happened over the course of the story and culminated on the night before the big battle. Very romantic!

  3. Alright, so this time I’ll post sans links to pictures of the characters. You’ll just have to google them yourselves 😛

    So, I totes agree with Drake and Ezio. The girly voice behind me reckons Snow looks a bit like Jukka from The Dudesons 😛

    My picks would have to add in the following.
    Wei Shen, from Sleeping Dogs. He needs a bit of TLC with his clothes, but set him up right and he’s pretty hawt 🙂

    I still reckon my Mass Effect Manshep is pretty good looking,, there’s a pic of him somewhere on my facebook.

    John Marston, of Red Dead Redemption. Some shots show off the fact he’s taken one too many blunt heavy instruments to the face, but that just kinda adds to his rugged, western good looks. Plus y’know, I’m sure there’s much cowboy innuendo to be had.

    Finally, it’d be pretty remiss of me to fail to mention my fave of all, Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur. Off-the-shoulder kimonos and bitching facial hair with a big katana? Hell yeah 😀

  4. OK, so there seems to be some arbitrary character limit on comments. So here’s the abridged version:
    Ezio, Drake: Agreed
    Snow: Looks like Jukka from the Dudesons.
    My List:
    John Marston, Red Dead Redemption
    Wei Shen, Sleeping Dogs
    Mitsurugi from Soul Caibur

  5. Abs I was expecting Shepard from Mass Effect to be on your list? Nice Mitsurugi inclusion 🙂

  6. Terra of Kingdom Hearts, Ellis from L4D2, and Ryu from Street Fighter

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