Pokemon follow up – catch some of them

A while back I posted a frustrated vent about how impossible it was to “catch ’em all” in any modern Pokemon game.  Since then, I finished the main story of Pokemon White and went immediately into playing Pokemon White 2.

I have so far clocked over 160 hours to that cartridge, plus an additional 50 hours to Pokemon White, and who knows how many hours to the Pokemon Global Link, and the 3DS eShop download, Pokemon Dream Radar.

I’ve finally realised the strategy to catching ’em all.

Time.  Lots of it!

Yeah, why is that, Professor? You suck!

Different Professor, but same old story.

At time of writing, I have captured and catalogued all of the Unova Pokemon bar 6.  I fully expect to have them all before Animal Crossing New Leaf comes out in mid-June (at which point, I will shelve Pokemon for my favourite time-sapping “work” game).

Hello bitchy animals, goodbye life

Hello bitchy animals, goodbye life

By collecting Pokemon in the Dream Radar, trading them to Pokemon White 2 by the Unova Link, then trading them over infrared connection to my Pokemon White game, I imported all the Pokemon (around 280) that I caught in the previous game.  This gave me a very good head start on my quest to catch all the Pokemon in the regional Pokedex (I am absolutely NOT going to try for the National ‘dex, as that is too much of an imposte on my time!)

I also discovered the Pokemon Global Link, which has been around for years, but I was clearly not a dedicated Pokefan, and had not realised it existed until recently.  This means that every day for both my White and White 2 cartridges, I can send a Pokemon into the Dream World and collect items and an extra Pokemon every day by playing simple games.  Some of those Pokemon are ones that are hard to find in the White/White 2 environment.  Then I can import them into my cartridge.

"To sleep: perchance to dream"

“To sleep: perchance to dream”

I’ve also discovered the joy of trading wirelessly.  The trick is not to trawl through the available Pokemon, hoping to find something with a reasonable asking trade (i.e. not a level 9 or less Reshiram which doesn’t exist), but to put something decent up and simply ask for whatever you want.  The Pokemon Dream Radar software yields level 40 Porygon and Riolu regularly after you have 8 badges in your main game and I have had great success in getting the Pokemon I want after just a couple of days waiting.

Combining all of these techniques has meant that I have filled up my ‘dex quite extensively.  I’ve even gone so far as to catch or trade multiple Pokemon of the same type, so that I can keep each evolutionary form in my Pokemon boxes.  So not only do I have an awesome Haxorus, I also have a Fraxure and an Axew.  Same goes for Hydreigon, Zweillous and Deino.  This is part of my contingency planning for Pokemon X/Y – I want to use this process again, and trade them all in (if I can) to complete the ‘dex quicker.

Some may say this is cheating, and to be honest, it kind of felt like that when I started out.  But then I thought, no, this is exactly how GameFreak wants you to play – by purchasing multiple copies of cartridges, add-on software, and utilising all the online features.  And it works.  You CAN “catch ’em all” – but you need to be highly dedicated and time rich.

Can anyone trade me a Vullaby?

Ugly, but I need it for my collection!

Ugly, but I need it for my collection!

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  1. Maybe the next game should be Pokemon Infinity – it never ends

  2. Maybe you need to do a blog post on why ‘chore’ type games are so addictive yet so comforting. Animal Crossing will help me put Style Boutique down – I’m repeating the same customers and same outfits over and over, yet I keep going back…

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