Off to PAX Australia!

Tomorrow my hub and I will be jetsetting off to Melbourne ahead of the first annual Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) to be held in Australia.  We will be joined by Yetichan, Jon, Neati, Abs and Soph, and we expect to wreak all kinds of excitable havoc.



We have our 3DSes charged with Streetpass enabled, we have our cosplay outfits tested and packed, and our bodies are READY for this three-day gaming extravaganza of super awesome awesomeness!

We expect to be mindfreaked by the stuff to do and see, including heaps of boardgames, panels, big reveals, sneak previews and perhaps even some drunken Cards Against Humanity in the evenings.

Shiny rainbows and unicorns, pew pew pew!  Let’s GO!

Open your eyes - your eyes are open.

Open your eyes – your eyes are open.

See you on the other side for my report!

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