2013 – A Year of Gaming

As I have taken to stopping my quarterly posts of the games I’ve finished, I decided a yearly sum up of what game playage occurred would be in order.  I went back through my games database and checked everything I’ve completed this year.  This was sort of sad because I saw all the games I *haven’t* played yet – and realllllly want to!

So here you have it, 2013, my year in gaming!


  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood (PS3) – In which I become enamoured with Ezio finally.  Also, oh, Lucy 🙁
  • Lego Lord of the Rings (PS3) – The best in the Lego franchise in my opinion due to its amazing world map exploration functionality, a vast improvement on past games
  • Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness (PS2) – A game that disappointed me so much due to bugs, glitches and terrible controls it forced me to play entirely with Action Replay cheats – and it still took me a year to finish.


  • Final Fantasy V (PS1, Anthology) – Which took me three years to finish, after rage quitting it early on in 2010 before realising I didn’t need to take on the Shiva boss fight until I had better fire magic…
Seriously dudes, come back later and try again when you are tougher!

Seriously dudes, come back later and try again when you are tougher!


  • Pokemon White (DS) – Had put it down for two years, but was determined to finished the story mode and get the majority of post-story stuff done – all in order to immediately move to White 2.
  • Tomb Raider Legend (PS2) – Which was a vast improvement on Angel of Darkness, and clearly the inspiration for the Uncharted series. Sadly the ending was a little bit quick and anticlimactic, and the game was a bit too short – also like Uncharted games!)


Gap due to playing GOW and Pokemon White 2 like a boss.


  • God of War: Ascension (PS3) – Where my love/lust of Kratos slowly diminished as I realised how little to the game there was, thanks to the developers spending their development budget on multiplayer – a feature I never utilise ever.


  • Last Window: The Secret of Cape West (DS) – An awesome diversion from the intensity of my Pokemon craziness and the onset of Animal Crossing obsession.
  • Pokemon White 2 (DS) – The first time I ever caught ’em all.  I put in about 500 hours of play with this game combined with White, Dream Radar, and the online Dream World. So worth it.
  • New Style Boutique (DS) – Not really a game the ends, but I completed the story mode pretty early on, and then finished playing when Animal Crossing came out.
I ship it. Kyle is too smooth though.

I ship it. Kyle is too smooth though.


My life is Animal Crossing.


  • Pikmin 2 (Wii) – Really enjoyed this despite finding the last area a bit tricky.  Finished it using an insta-kill cheat which worked sporadically, as cheats often do. It didn’t help me with the final boss – still had to beat him the hard way.
  • The Last of Us (PS3) – I had nightmares about clickers, and took far longer than necessary playing it due to my fear of direct gunplay, opting instead to stealthily strangle every foe I encountered.  A beautiful game with a great story – loved the ending!


Still hooked on Animal Crossing.

You will never leave!

You will never leave!


  • Final Fantasy VI (PS1) – In which I realised the pattern in FF games, wherein once you get past the steep difficulty game in the second third of the game, it is all pretty much plain sailing.


  • Pikmin 3 (WiiU) – My first proper exposure to the Wii U which took a bit of getting used to with the gamepad controls, but was great when I did. Such a fun game, highly recommend it!


  • Legend of Zelda: the Windwaker (Wii U) – Which was easily my favourite game of the year.
  • Professor Layton and the Last Specter (DS) – Which I used a walkthrough for the entire game and just experienced it for the story, because my love of Layton puzzles has grown thin.
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3) – Most recently completed game, which I loathed due to having to play as Serah, but came to enjoy when I realised I could play as Noel.  And then, the whole what happened to Serah at the end made me kinda happy too, because I’m a bitch like that.  And now Snow is single again, yay!
Seriously, whoever put them together needs a head check.  She looks like she's 12.

Seriously, whoever put them together needs a head check. She looks like she’s 12.

So not a bad year in game completion, and I’ve not been monogamous with platform too, which I think is very progressive of me.  I love and admire all consoles 😛

Oh I’ve also completed a bunch of games on Steam (mostly casual puzzles):

  • The Walking Dead (and 400 Days) – Where I demonstrated my cold, and callous heart by not shedding a single tear at the end
  • Yard Sale Hidden Treasures Sunnyville
  • Mishap: An Accidental Haunting (this and the one above I would not recommend!)
  • Midnight Mysteries 2, 3, and 4 (I’d already played the first one.  These are all excellent hidden object games)

What about you guys? What was your 2013 in gaming like?

4 Comments on "2013 – A Year of Gaming"

  1. I completed 2 less games this year than last year, I totally blame Animal Crossing. So many good 3DS games to play as well! If you love Lego Lord of the Rings, you should have a look at Lego Marvel Superheroes. I love the way they aren’t all same-same, and there are some really cool characters to play with!

    • Hang on, hang on. Animal Crossing didn’t come out until June! What was your excuse for the first part of the year? 😉

      Also I have to get a PS4 before I can play Lego Marvel Superheroes!

  2. I’m only 2 games down!

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