Can’t write, too busy gaming

Plus Cia is pretty easy on the eyes. Also the storyline is.... #bewbs *blink* what was I saying again?

Oh dear, I’ve been so busy with all the games coming out this quarter, that I have sorely neglected my poor blog!

After a long period of figurative celibacy, with no gaming action to speak of for months on end, September hit and I had no time for anything except Final Fantasy Theatrhythm: Curtain Call (3DS), then Fantasy Life (3DS), then Hyrule Warriors (WiiU), and now Bayonetta 2 (WiiU). Be still my quivering thumbs, Nintendo has pulled out all the stops!

The other thing that’s been eating up all my time has been preparing for the upcoming PAX Australia convention, which seemed like ages away but is actually NEXT WEEKEND ARGH!!!1111!!!11!  I have decided to cosplay again, and wanted to go as Lara Croft this year – a costume I fully intended to wear last year, but freezing conditions and general knackeredness prevented it. This year I decided to change it up and add a Steampunk flavour to the costume. This required me to level up my conceptualising, painting, and sewing skills considerably.  But I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.  Here’s a sneak peek:

If you see me at PAX Aus next week, be sure to come and say hi!

If you see me at PAX Aus next week, be sure to come and say hi!

So on to the games I’ve been playing. As I said, there’s been a big gap of nothingness in terms of games I want, right up until mid-September when the new Theatrhythm came out. The game has some marked improvements on the original, the main being a simple change to the outlines of icons. They are just so much clearer to see now during the Chocobo and Summon modes, rather than being completely gold or silver. There is also an airship mode during some Field Music Stages, which is a cute addition. There are a huge number of new songs (over 200) with DLC being released regularly, and new modes that replace the mildly confusing and fiddly Chaos Shrine. The Password feature has been moved out of the Collect-a-card album and into the Settings menu which means a bit of to-ing and fro-ing when you are managing your album, but it’s not a dealbreaker. Besides playing through all the new songs, you can try your hand at the new Quest mode, which replaces the need for Dark Notes and you can share your completed maps over Streetpass. There are also changes and improvements to the multiplayer features but I’ll leave you to investigate those on your own, as I’m not much of a multiplayer gamer. Highly recommend to fans of the Final Fantasy series and rhythm action games generally.

In the previous game, all the rhythm icons are silver or gold during the special modes. Makes it a bit tricky to see during high speed levels. Much nicer to just have the subtle outline. Trust me, it’s a big improvement!

Fantasy Life is another game for 3DS and it is consuming literally hours of my time. At last play, I’ve hit around 80 hours for this little RPG/Life Sim mashup.  It’s all the good things about Animal Crossing, without the horrible time constraints, as well as the fun job and questing aspects of games like Final Fantasy Tactics.  It’s simple, very enjoyable, and beautifully rendered.  The story line is a little weak, but that’s really not the drawcard for this game. Making a Life and living it your way is the true goal: fight monsters, hunt and gather various items, go fishing, explore the world, make clothes or weapons, chop down trees, decorate your home, help villagers with their requests, or strive to become a Legend in your profession.  I just want to play it forever. There is also a DLC package that adds extra features after the main story has been completed.  I definitely plan on getting that but be aware you won’t be able to Streetpass or Multiplayer with other people unless they have the add-on too.  Highly recommended to those gamers who enjoy roaming around at their own pace.

You can defeat the Napdragon, but it's pretty tough! Come back when you are level 50!

You can defeat the Napdragon, but it’s pretty tough! Come back when you are level 50!

When Hyrule Warriors was announced, I didn’t expect it to be too exciting, but I was certainly planning on getting it and playing it.  But as more details were released, and the Adventure Mode was announced, I became rabid with anticipation. So much fan service!  I picked up the bundle which came with a scarf, and yes, I paid $20 more for it, but the scarf is actually awesome and great quality so I consider it money well spent.  The game itself does not fail to impress. The graphics are bright and crisp and the gameplay is fast and fun.  I haven’t played Dynasty Warriors (which is essentially the predecessor to Hyrule Warriors), but I didn’t need to in order to get right into the game.  The love of the Zelda Universe is apparent in all aspects of the game and I am definitely enjoying getting to play as all the different characters from the various Zelda games – especially as the villains like Ganondorf and Ghirahim. DLC is being released over the next few months, both free and paid, and I was more than happy to pay the extra $20 or so for the bundle which gives new weapons, characters, maps and modes, effectively extending the longevity of the game beyond the first couple of months of release. Definitely one for fans of both the Zelda and Dynasty Warriors franchises.

Plus Cia is pretty easy on the eyes. Also the storyline is.... #bewbs *blink* what was I saying again?

Plus Cia is pretty easy on the eyes. Also the storyline is…. #bewbs *blink* what was I saying again?

Bayonetta 2 was released today, so I haven’t played it much yet (just the demo once last week) but I’m confident it won’t let me down. The physical game comes bundled with a remastered version of the original Bayonetta, with added Nintendo fan service (I’m pretty darned excited to see Bayonetta cosplaying as Link!)  That alone is enough to tempt me to replay the original before diving into the new one… but then again, I really want to play the new one immediately!  I’ll have to write again and let you know what I decide to do!

Despite some controversy over the shift from PS3 to WiiU, Bayonetta 2's graphics and super speedy action meet and exceed my expectations.

Despite some controversy over the shift from PS3 to WiiU, Bayonetta 2’s graphics and super speedy action meet and exceed my expectations.

Well that’s it for now.  Better start packing for PAX!  Will be sure to debrief when I’m back.

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