Woes of the Witcher

The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 came out this week and I didn’t buy it.  Not because I don’t want it – I do, it looks amazing – but because I haven’t played the previous games and I am a stickler for continuity!  I have them on Steam, but haven’t played them yet and have sort of been holding out for a remake for PS4, despite reports to the contrary.

I saw a report on Good Game the other night (not a show I normally watch because, well, I am really bothered by the hosts) but I was sucked in by their Witcher 3 review.  I’d kept away from trailers for fear of spoiling the previous games, but what I saw on Good Game got me pretty excited.  All the quests, and crafting, and items, and riding horses, and making friends with chickens, and well, pretty much everything I saw, I loved.   I also have some friends who’ve started playing it, and I just know I’m going to be jealous soon.

So my dilemma is this – do I go ahead and just play the new one, or do I try to burn through the first two on Steam (bearing in mind I have terrible WASD skills) and then play the new one?

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  1. I too have not played the previous games, started playing number 2 on steam a few days before release of number 3 in the hope of grabbing some sort of story. But with little free time I have currently I couldn’t get in to it.

    I’m enjoying what I’ve played so far in number 3 even tho I have no idea who any of the characters are.

    Movement in the game seems alittle .. Off, but that could be a trait that’s come from previous games.

    Story seems large and side quests make it worth running around killing things.

    Still trying to get use to the combat, I’ve never been one to dodge and what not. I’m more of a all in kinda player..

    When going up against monsters you have to study them, learn their weaknesses and prepair for the fight in the way of traps, potions etc. this has me excited and I’m looking forward to playing more.

    Get the game, I hear number two is a large game also.

    • I also really like the idea of studying the monsters and stuff – when I saw that on Good Game, I was like “oh geez I need this game!”

  2. you can easily play the witcher 3 without playing the other two, as it explains the past games really well in the beginning. You can even simulate saved witcher 2 save files for even more in depth story about the event in the second game.

  3. I just started reading the Witcher books today, I want to totally immerse myself into that world (same with the Dragon Age series). Take your time, then I can have Geralt to myself 😀


  5. I will resist and go through them in order. Which book are you starting with, some haven’t been translated yet right?

  6. Yeah I think three are translated, reading ‘The Wish’ first

    • Well I’m really enjoying the first game. I’m still on the first chapter but it’s good and plays well. Haven’t had any of the issues you had.

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