Nier was Animal Crossing influenced!


So I read an article on Destructoid today about the fishing in Nier and it’s been confirmed that it won’t be included in the new Nier game (hurrah!)  It was really quite fiddly, though I do think I managed to catch everything and felt pretty proud about it.  Back when I played Nier, I really felt the game was very Animal Crossing-esque despite the post-apocalyptic setting. You had a village and you fished, planted and did quests for your villagers.

When asked about why fishing was a part of the first Nier, director Taro Yoko had this to say:

“Uh, honestly, it was because I was playing Animal Crossing at the time,” he admitted as everyone in the room burst into laughter. “I play a lot of Animal Crossing and they do a lot of fishing.”

Well there you go!

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