Review: Pokemon Picross

Pokemon Picross

Pokemon Picross is Nintendo’s latest “free to start” Pokemon game (along with Pokemon Shuffle and Pokemon Rumble World) and I’m already addicted. It combines the fun of picross puzzles with collecting Pokemon. You are limited to plays by an energy gauge, so you can’t burn through the whole game in one sitting – which is actually good for me as I traditionally finish a standard PicrossE game in a few days.  I’m finding Pokemon Picross it’s great for short bursts.

Each puzzle unlocks a new Pokemon, and you can set up to five in your party (you’ll need to pay picrites, the in-game currency, to unlock all five spaces). Each Pokemon has a special ability that gives a hint or help to the puzzle (like time stop, or revealing some squares).

There are missions in each level that unlock rewards if you complete the requirements (such as setting a number of Pokemon, or using a particular ability). The rewards include picrites or mural tiles, which are small elements of a larger picross puzzle (like the mega picross in the standard game).

There is also a daily training which gives you a few picrites. Both the daily training and the mural tiles can be played without depleting your energy gauge, but the trade off is you can’t use any Pokemon to complete them. They are pretty easy though, so you shouldn’t have a problem!

I’m really enjoying Pokemon Picross, and I think it’s a nice mashup of the two types of games. It will definitely appeal to casual players, fans of picross, or Pokemon fans in general. Have you played it yet? What do you think?

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