Gaming update, yes I’m still here

No Man's Sky

Been a bit quiet here, but never fear, I have been gaming. I recently finished Dragon Quest Heroes and moved on to LEGO Marvel’s Avengers which I am loving. As I’ve said before, LEGO games are the ultimate game for completionists like me, plus the Avengers theme just adds to the appeal. Sadly I remain rubbish at flying so will experience many moments of controller-snapping rage, when I try my hand at flight mini games…

Have also been obsessively playing Pokemon Go, having successfully converted a workmate so we can have lunch time play dates. I’ve just cracked over to level 21, which means the heavy grind is now on. My pokemon line up isn’t much to write home about, but I do have a few okay ones over 1200 CP.

A few weeks back, I also started a nostalgic replay of Golden Sun on Gameboy Advance. This is a great little gem from the GBA days, and spawned a number of sequels which I intend to get to once I finish my replay. It’s a nice excuse to bust out my Pikachu GBA SP too.

I’ve also had a few attempts over the year of working on the original Witcher on PC.  It is laden with crash-inducing bugs but I am determined to complete it (and the second one) before getting on to the pièce de résistance that is Witcher 3.

Pokken Tournament is also on my ‘must get back to’ list – I’ve done a few rounds of that game and, to be honest, find it a bit technical for my usual button-bashing methodology to fighting games.  But I will return to it soon enough and at least finish the ‘story’ mode.

I popped over to Melbourne last weekend to visit my awesome sister-in-law and whilst hanging out I made a start on Hyrule Warriors Legends for the 3DS. I confess I prefer the WiiU version for the graphics, but the portability of the game on 3DS, plus the additional features (fairies!) is very appealing.  While I was there, I got to take a look at No Man’s Sky.  I saw the early trailers and info about this game and thought the art style was gorgeous, but figured a multiplayer shooty game with explorer elements was probably not enough to grab me.  As it’s turned out, the multiplayer aspect was not exactly a true characteristic of the game, and this has upset many gamers – however, the removal of that element has increased my interest in the game.  As I’ve often said, I am not a fan of multiplayer in games because I personally prefer to play alone. So when I got to see the actual game in action, and the focus was on exploring, cataloguing, discovering and managing inventory, my interest was well and truly piqued. Once I’ve knocked over a few more games, I’ll pop down to the shops and grab a copy for myself.

In terms of gaming, that’s about it for the moment. Anything special on your radar?

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