Hello 2017!

Nintendo Switch console
Nintendo Switch console

Hello everyone, yes, I am still here, and still gaming! I started back doing full-time work the past year, so I’ve not really given myself much time or motivation for writing here, but I had a flash of inspiration in the new year. Firstly, I wanted to review my gaming resolutions for 2016 and shamefully report my abysmal progress: still no Mass Effect. In fact, I only managed two from the list and those were Golden Sun replay, and Xenoblade Chronicles (which I played on the Wii as I found it too hard to read on the 3DS!) The lesson learned from two years of failed gaming resolutions is one that is useful for life in general: don’t make resolutions. To that end, this year, I plan to just play and enjoy whatever I feel like!

Looking back over my playage and completion list for 2016, I managed to complete 26 games, which is not too bad given I didn’t play anything during November as I was participating in National Novel Writing Month (yes, I wrote a book!). Stand outs for the year were finishing my replay of FFVII (which I know I promised to write about but too much time has passed now – suffice to say, it held up), Journey (it really is as good as they say), Twilight Princess HD (the feels!), Uncharted 4 (an emotional rollercoaster!), No Man’s Sky (which I really enjoyed despite all the bad press), and the Witcher 1 and 2 (gameplay wasn’t great, but the story was good for background to Witcher 3 which I hope to play very soon). Replaying Golden Sun again was also a good time.

Some other gaming highlights for 2016 included the phenomenon of Pokemon Go (I am still playing every day), another great PAX (where I met Ron Gilbert!), the release of the NES Classic Mini (and the subsequent nightmare involved in getting one – which I eventually did, thanks to buddy Aaron), and a short interview on local radio station, Edge FM. I also changed my Facebook page name to Gaming with Tehkella as I thought it had a better ring to it (I’ve subsequently updated this blog’s name accordingly). I also grabbed a Steam Link and Controller bundle in the EB Games Boxing Day sales – streaming my PC games to the TV is so much more comfortable!

This year looks like another year full of great gaming excitement, with the biggest one for me being the upcoming Nintendo Switch and the new Zelda title, Breath of the Wild. More info about the Switch is coming in less than a week, so I’ll be looking forward to that with much anticipation. The previous teaser trailer for the console really got me excited, so I hope we’ll get to see some more specifics, including actual gameplay footage.

In the meantime, I’ll be continuing playing Pokemon Sun, which I started at the end of last year. There are some nice changes from the other Pokemon games, and I think the bulk of the new ideas and features are really refreshing. Not so much a fan of wild pokemon calling for help though, especially when you are trying to catch one!

I’ve also just picked up The Last Guardian (for $39!), which was one of the most heavily anticipated games for years. It definitely looks more like a PS3 game than a PS4 one, but that doesn’t really bother me. I’m not a long way in yet, but I’m very much enjoying it so far. After that, I plan to either play LEGO Star Wars Force Awakens (though I’m still reeling from the loss of our princess and general, Carrie Fisher) or Witcher 3.

Another thing I’ve been doing is auditing my game collection. I thought it might be fun to do a little report on each platform as I go through the collection, and check that my records match. So stay tuned for that.

I hope 2017 treats you well, and that you get lots of gaming enjoyment through the year. Play everything!

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