PAX Aus 2017 is nearly here!

PAX Aus 2017
PAX Aus 2017

Let’s just ignore that past almost year of no blog posts and get straight to the matter at hand – PAX Aus 2017!

My annual pilgrimage across Bass Strait to gaming mecca is about to begin. My 2017 PAX Aus adventure starts tomorrow, as I jet over to Melbourne in readiness for a three-day gaming extravaganza. It will be a different feel this year, as many of my friends aren’t attending due to important life reasons, such as becoming parental! But there will still be plenty of people I know going, and it is always a chance to make new connections.

As usual, I’ll be hitting up the merch stand right on opening to secure some sweet gear (new hoodie, shirts, and most importantly, Zelda pins!) Afterwards it will be checking out the expo hall, and getting on to some panels – a couple of standouts for me include “Alice Madness Returns… Returns” and “Breath of the Wild and the Future of the Zelda Series”. Plus Acquisitions Inc make their first appearance at PAX Aus, so I don’t want to miss that.

I’ll also be spending plenty of time in the handheld lounge clearing my Streetpasses, as well as checking out the offerings in the tabletop gaming area.

Keep an eye out for me, and don’t hesitate to come and say hi if you want to!

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