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I’m Tehkella, and I love video games and everything about them: gameplay, artwork, concepts, plots and stories, mythology, symbolism, and the escapism. I love being someone I’m not, in a place I could never visit. My favourite genre is fantasy RPG, due to my love of all things fantasy (Tolkein, Brooks, and Dart-Thornton; Labyrinth, Neverending Story, and the Dark Crystal; and of course Dungeons and Dragons). My other hobbies/interests include: cross stitch, tending to my garden, eating chocolate, sci-fi/fantasy TV, fancy dress, and amassing a collection of footwear to rival Imelda Markos. I’m married to a wonderful games-addicted husband, and we live with our four cats in Tasmania, Australia.

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  1. Hey Tehkella!
    I came across your blog whilst randomly googling the course code MMC130! It’s really cool!
    I’m considering doing MMC130 next term and was looking for some advice on workload and how you found it in general (loved your dragon age review assignment!) I’m currently playing Borderlands with my boyfriend. I definitely love my post-apocalyptic video games! Anyway I hope this finds you well. I’m from Sydney, love shoes, cats, and video games! =P

  2. Hi Bec, thanks for commenting. MMC130 was a really fun subject. the workload is quite reasonable. There are a few assignments, but they were such fun to do I didn’t really feel like they were work. I don’t know if they are still using it, but my final assignment was used as an example. So if you do the subject, I’d be interested to see if my assignment is still being used.

    Anyway, you should definitely do it – you will love it!

    Seems like we have lots in common – follow me on twitter or Google+ under Tehkella if you want to chat further 🙂

  3. Hi Tehkella,
    M here, found your link and very impressive. Am interested in doing this unit via OpenUni and would like to ask you one thing about it.
    You know how it states in the unit description “across a range of platforms and devices”, does that mean one has to play and experience on Xbox AND PC, or PS3 AND Wii? Or can one just do this unit playing on one platform alone?
    Would really appreciate if you help me out on this. Thanks.

    • Hi there! Great to see another MMC130 person finding this site 🙂 Platforms and devices means dedicated consoles such as the ones you mention (plus handheld ones), PC for internet gaming such as Facebook games and other casual/social games, smartphones for gaming (either online or offline), and tablets as well. It’s basically going to expose you to all sorts of ways to game. You can probably get by playing on one platform alone, as I reckon you would have access to phone/tablet or internet games even if you don’t have a PS3, Wii etc.

      The unit is more about the theoretical application of games concepts and ideas, rather than “play this game and write about it” – ideally you’ll need to have a few games you can write about and draw experience from. However, I think I’m in the minority in that I had a couple of thousand games to choose from and platforms spanning some 40 years. Not many people have that!!

      I really enjoyed the unit, and if you like games and stories, you will too. Here are the links to the posts I wrote during the course (some are assignments to give you an idea on what you’ll be doing). Even the assignments were great fun!

      Games review assignment: http://tehkella.net/gamer/?p=107
      Games genre assignment: http://tehkella.net/gamer/?p=114
      Games sounds assignment: http://tehkella.net/gamer/?p=120

      The final assignment was where you basically wrote the story elements for a game. That was SUPER fun!

      If you do take on the subject, I expect you’ll have similar assignments. Try not to draw too much inspiration from mine though, some of them were selected for use in the course as examples, so you don’t want to get in trouble for plagiarism – you know how strict Uni can be!

      Anyway, hope this helps!

      • Hi T,
        M here, would like to know if any of these assignments or on the project will there be any actual programming tasks?

        • Hi again!
          No programming at all. All writing and reviewing 🙂

          • Hi T,
            Thanks lot for your reply, I am about to start this unit soon, and one more thing to ask you about this.
            I have only got an Xbox 360 at the moment so can I study and finish this unit just by writing/reviewing games on Xbox or do I need to have another game console that is if it is mandatory, hope I made myself clear on my query.

          • One console should be fine – you can review a game on XBox 360 that you’ve already played or play a new one and review that. If the course curriculum hasn’t changed, one console should be more than sufficient! You can also look at online games that you play in the browser, or even phone or iPad/iPod games. There should be plenty of choice for you 🙂

  4. Great, Thanks very much Tehkella for the info. Keep on gaming :).

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