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Writing Task – Entering the Conversation

This week, I’ve joined a Final Fantasy discussion forum, and posted on a thread about the difficulty of Final Fantasy IV for the DS, a game I recently completed. Here is my post (available at…

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Writing Task – Creating Generative Value

As I hope my blog has so far demonstrated, fantasy RPGs are extremely immersive.  The graphics and cinematics are amazing to view, and with an emotive soundtrack to complement the visuals, it’s not difficult to…

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Writing Task – Introducing Your Topic

Fantasy Role-Playing Games Do you enjoy a good dungeon crawl?  Get a thrill out of rescuing the damsel in distress?  Feel a great sense of satisfaction from trouncing monsters and raising your experience level?  If…

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Being good

Just so you know, I’ve gone back through my posts to provide references to the images I have used.

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Writing Task – Narrating Personal Interest

The first game that drew me in to the fantasy RPG genre was Final Fantasy VII.  I hadn’t played anything remotely like it before, although I did thoroughly enjoy adventure and fighting games like Tomb…

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Writing Task – Gamer Girl – a personal bio

I’m Tehkella, and I love video games and everything about them: gameplay, artwork, concepts, plots and stories, mythology, symbolism, and the escapism. I love being someone I’m not, in a place I could never visit….

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