Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Classic

News from Nintendo Direct for 3DS

A somewhat surprising 3DS Nintendo Direct dropped overnight, and here is a summary of what it covered (as well as my musing thoughts). Pokemon Sun and Moon A new Alola form Rattata was showcased, along…

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Final Fantasy VII remake

New Final Fantasy VII remake trailer

If you know me even a little, you’ll know that Final Fantasy VII (FFVII) is my all-time favourite game, and that I started my nostalgic replay of it this year (a post about it is…

New Style Boutique 2

New Style Boutique is getting a sequel

The 20th of November will be a good day for me. That’s the day that the sequel to New Style Boutique on the 3DS hits stores. If you know me, or have read through my…


Nier was Animal Crossing influenced!

So I read an article on Destructoid today about the fishing in Nier and it’s been confirmed that it won’t be included in the new Nier game (hurrah!)  It was really quite fiddly, though I…

Majora's Mask lamp

Club Nintendo latest updates

As you may know, the Club Nintendo program is shutting down this year and so there’s been a flurry of activity with people rummaging through their old games to get points codes.  I, of course,…

Nintendo’s pre-E3 announcement is excellent

My husband just emailed me a link to Nintendo’s pre-E3 announcement video and OMG it’s fricking awesome.  Have you seen it? I love the cheese-factor and the music. And the fact that the Nintendo World…

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