In love with Alistair

On the behest of my sister-in-law, I have gotten strongly back into playing Dragon Age: Origins (thanks also to the return of my LCD TV after months of it being at the shop).  She was right, it’s not hard to get addicted.

The game is such a rich experience.  You can choose the kind of person you want your character to be, in so many ways.  I always like to be very moral and righteous, but with a touch of bashing heads if I deem necessary 😉  I’m like pretty much every fantasy hero/heroine in that way.  Chaotic good – that’s my alignment preference.

In light of this, and because I’m such a completionist, I began exploring some of the romance storylines in order to obtain some extra trophies.  Firstly, may I say, whomever decided it was good to have trophies for successfully bedding your NPC teammates, was obviously a man, and slightly perverse.  I feel kind of dirty doing this!

Despite my reservations, as it goes against my moral fibre to dally in such a way, I pursued the romance conversation with Leliana, my Orlesian rogue companion.  Now, fine, she’s pretty, and looks good in leather armour, but I prefer blokes.  In all honesty, I’d had a fangirl crush on Alistair from the start (the voice actor,* Steve Valentine, also plays Flynn in Uncharted 2).  I mean, what’s not to like… he’s cute, he’s funny, he’s a little bit vulnerable, and he looks great in his cloth undies (and of course in his armour!)


Anyway, moving on.  I stupidly selected the option to kiss Leliana, and now all my teammates are questioning me.  Argh!  So in the end, I decided to stick to my morals and not try to sleep with everyone (except Alistair, and then only when he asked me!).  Feeling much better, I was presented with a rose by Alistair soon after, and we began dating LOL.  He made me break up with Leliana first, but she wasn’t overly surprised.  I must have ‘heartbreaker’ written all over my forehead…  Nevertheless, it wasn’t long until Alistair professed his love for me, and later very sweetly propositioned me to deflower him.  Who could resist really?

It was all very romantic and artistically done – if you are keen, there are apparently vids on YouTube.  Alistair sex tape.  So much less sleazy than all the others floating around the net!

The upshot is that I’m now in love with Alistair – a video game character.  I’m sure my husband is impressed LOL.  I guess he’s okay with it, he hasn’t taken the game away from me yet :p

* For a full list of voice actors, check this site out – and be surprised!

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