Grindfest FFV-style

As you may have guessed, if you’ve been reading my sporadic blog postings, I have finished God of War.  In fact, I have also started and finished God of War 2.  I am officially God of Warred out (for now).  But very glad to have knocked over two whole games in less than a month (somehow managing to do this between work and uni).

So now I’ve moved on to my next accomplishment, which I suspect will be harder to achieve.  My latest game playage is Final Fantasy V (PS1 version, a la Anthology).  I am playing on my PSP via remote play from the PS3 which now allows all PS1 games… I wonder if/when Sony will allow backwards compatibility with PS2 games – certainly would be nice.

When I first started playing last week, I had to stop and waste an hour trawling the internet to find out if this was another FF game rebadged for PAL release, because the whole opening sequence was giving me deja vu.  Pink-haired girl sees father fly off on blue dragon, cries out “no, Father!”, subsequent meteor falls to earth and smashes village to bits, wandering nomad (me) with chocobo hastens to investigate, and subsequently finds pink-haired girl and elderly amnesiac nearby, inexplicably teams up to find pink-haired girl’s missing father, meets a bunch of pirates, pirate captain turns out to be a chick…

Despite my efforts, I couldn’t find that FFV was actually another game, so I can only assume my brain is befuddled from playing waaaayyyy too many FF and RPG games generally, and it all just merged into one kind of memory.  Once I pushed through this unsettling feeling (I didn’t want to start playing a game I had already completed!), I realised the game *was* different, but that it just had similarities to some other FF games (FFIII mostly).

Onward I went, and after getting through about 4 hours of gameplay and heading off to take on Shiva, I was utterly and completely trounced, and realised that this was one of those FF games.  A grindfest.  A bigger grindfest than normally expected… *sigh*

The person who took this screenshot obviously did more intial grinding than me… (as they are still ALIVE after one second)

So suffice to say, all I did last night was walk back and forth on the World Map, encountering the same three enemies for two hours, to level me up sufficiently to have a crack at the Harpy in the basement of Walz Castle (before going back to Shiva).  Turns out I need to grind some more.


Oh and btw, the Anthology guide that I bought off eBay for $50 stinks of stale cigarette smoke and has pen marks all through… grrr!

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