Things to make Animal Crossing life easier

Animal Crossing: New Leaf (AC:NL) has many improvements on the previous games in the franchise, however after playing it every day for nearly 9 months, I feel that there were many things that could have made my Animal Crossing life a whole lot easier.

Let me  know if you think I’ve missed something…

Fix these, so I can love you more!

Fix these, so I can love you more!

Item organising

Auto stacking of fruit

The ability to stack 9 fruit into a single basket was a huge space saving feature of AC:NL; however, would it have been that much of a stretch to add in the ability to automatically stack the fruit for you? No, instead you must faff around reorganising your items nearly as much as you used to in previous games.

Auto money in wallet

And like fruit, money should stack automatically as well.  Or better yet, it should go straight in your wallet when you pick it up!

More space for things

More item slots god damnit!  More storage generally!

There is never enough room to keep everything so you end up living like this guy.

There is never enough room to keep everything so you end up living like this guy.


Ability to throw away mail without reading it first

When you are obsessively ordering items from the HHA Showcase (like me), and therefore know what your letters say, it gets quite tedious when you have to read them before deleting them.  Just let me throw them out as if they were junkmail!  Which leads me to the next point.

Mailbox should hold more than 10 letters

10 letters is just not enough!

Auto opening of presents

I can see why this wouldn’t be an option but if you are buying heaps of HHA items, it’s really annoying having to get the present, then open it, each time! And that reminds me…

Ability to see what item is attached to a letter in the post office storage

Speaking of presents, how the hell do you know what you’ve stored at the post office? Clearly this feature is there to give you extra places to store your crap, but there is absolutely no way to know what item is attached to a letter once you put it in there.  So don’t even bother trying to find a specific item…

Surely they have a records management policy?

Surely they have a records management policy?

Item identification

On-screen indicator of items

How good would it be if there was some kind of on-screen indicator to show you’ve already catalogued an item (like how there is a pokeball icon next to a Pokemon you’ve already caught).  That would save a LOT of time if you are an obsessive item collector like me…

Fossil knowledge

Don’t you think that after you’ve dug up all these fossils, and turned them over to Blathers a bajillion times, you could acquire the ability to identify them yourself?  Even if this happened after you’d donated every fossil, this would be a huge improvement – you could become an honorary fossil identifier or something!

Shop items

There really needs to be a visual indicator of the item’s name in shops, particularly for generic items like stationery, wallpaper and carpets.

Now tell me what it is, damnit!

Now tell me what it is, damnit!

Village management (aka being a dictator)

Animal tracking

I want an indicator on the map that shows where the animals are – and if they are not in the town, there should be a specific note on their door!  Tell me where you are, bitches!
You can’t leave without my expression permission

Villagers should give notice in writing if they want to move out!  This is not a democracy!

I miss you...

I miss you…

General item management

Let me buy everything

Give me the ability to rebuy anything I’ve already had!  No excuses!

No random sets!

Nothing more frustrating than turning in 3 gold nuggets and 10k bells and getting another fricking golden man.  There should be no random items for special sets like the gold furniture, flower set etc. They should make it so you don’t get duplicates all the time!  This works pretty well for the fishing tournament sets, as well as the Snowman and other winter sets.  Why not implement that method across all special sets?  Gah!

Took me way too long to get all these items...

Took me way too long to get all these items…

HHA Showcase improvements

5 items is not enough!

What possible reason was there to limit the buyable HHA Showcase to 5 items a day?  You should be able to buy more than that at a time.  If there had to be a limit, why couldn’t it be higher?  5 is very low.

HHA delivery

The items should come as a parcel delivery not separate letters!  What a waste of space and effort!

Buying custom furniture

I agree with the fact that you can’t order customised furniture as part of the charm is customising items yourself, however, you should be able to order the uncustomised version!!

Here's a picture of Digby in his raincoat to help you (me) calm down.  He's so cute!

Here’s a picture of Digby in his raincoat to help you (me) calm down. He’s so cute!

General island improvements

Souvenir items

I want a way to know what’s in the souvenir shop without going to the island – perhaps there should be a notice on the bulletin board.

Freeze time

I find it very irritating that when doing tours, if you dig up/catch something, the game wastes a couple of seconds each time telling you what you caught.  The game should freeze the countdown when it does this.  Those few seconds are important!


Not only should Lloy stop repeating his massive spiel EVERY SINGLE TIME you talk to him, but you should not need to hire tools if you have them with you.  You should be able to use your own.

Be ready for the same old explanation if you want to go fishing...

Be ready for the same old explanation if you want to go fishing…


ATMs and credit cards

Don’t you think it would be good if you had a credit card and/or ATM at HHA and shops? How much more convenient (and realistic) would that be!


Okay that’s all for now.  Hit me up on my Facebook page or in the comments if you have any other improvements!

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  1. YES to all of the above. Plus the ability to deconstruct Gold furniture (though wouldn’t be necessary if your point about special sets was implemented).

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