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Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Classic

A somewhat surprising 3DS Nintendo Direct dropped overnight, and here is a summary of what it covered (as well as my musing thoughts).

Pokemon Sun and Moon
A new Alola form Rattata was showcased, along with a bit more info about how the new Z-moves will work. We got to see a surfing Raichu in action. The other announcement regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon was that if you are an early adopter of the game, you’ll get a special Munchlax which will evolve into a Z-move enabled Snorlax, making it a terrifying opponent!

Snorlax Z-move

The game is out on 23 November, plus special themed edition 3DSXL and 2DS consoles will be out around the same time.

Super Mario Maker

100 courses built in for the 3DS, plus you can go online to get access to some (not all) of the WiiU courses uploaded by users. Not really my thing, but you might be keen. You can’t upload your courses online for the 3DS version, but you can share them locally or via StreetPass.

Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS

It’s out on 2 December.

Mario Party Star Rush

Includes a new mode, Toad Scramble. Again, not something I’m in to but if you are a Mario fan, it looks like some crazy fun.

Other modes have been added to: Coinathlon, Mario Shuffle, Boo’s Block Party, Rhythm Recital. Also compatible with Super Mario amiibo – and there will be 7 new amiibos on the way too! The Boo one looks pretty cool, even if you aren’t a Mario fan – it glows in the dark!

Mario Party amiibos

You can play the game with up to four players locally using their own cartridge, or you can download the Party Guest application from the eShop to allow full 4-player multiplay with just one copy of the game.

Mario Party Star Rush, four new amiibos (Boo, Wario, Rosalina and Donkey Kong) (and the Party Guest app) are out on 7 October. Daisy, Waluigi and Diddy Kong are out on 4 November.

The Legend of Zelda 30th Anniversary
To celebrate the anniversary, Nintendo is releasing a special series of classic Zelda amiibos, including original 8-bit Link, Ocarina of Time Link, and Toon Link and Zelda from Wind Waker. I’m pretty pumped to add those to my collection!

Link and Zelda amiibos

They will work like other Link and Zelda amiibo, and will have special functionality in the upcoming new Zelda title, Breath of the Wild (which is out next year).

The other Zelda announcement is that Skyward Sword is now available in eShop (right now).

The amiibos are out on 2 December.

Nintendo Classic Mini

Mr Shibata took us on a nostalgic journey of some of the classic NES games that will be included on board the new NES mini system. Which we haven’t preordered yet and for which preorders sold out really quickly. Hopefully we can get it on release!

Nintendo Entertainment System Mini Classic

Out on 11 November.

Hyrule Warriors Legends

New DLC packs are on the way for Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks. These add Toon Zelda as a playable character, the Sand Wand weapon for Toon Link, 15 new fairy costume pieces, and a new adventure map.

Toon Link with Sand Wand

The packs are available now.

Animal Crossing New Leaf

I heard about this news a few weeks back and was pretty stunned that such an old game was getting some extra features. And kind of annoyed because I haven’t played it in years and to go back to it now would require lots of town maintenance!

The free update expands amiibo functionality to the game. Also, to my horror, a wave of 50 new Animal Crossing amiibo cards are coming out on 11 November. I’ve already spent hundreds of dollars on those cards – they better come in useful!

A re-release of the full game, with a repackaged cover, is out on 25 November – it comes with one of the new amiibo cards.

Animal Crossing Welcome Amiibo

An Animal Crossing Direct is coming later in the year. A new game for console maybe? Please say yes.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix

Now you can play with either the European or Japanese soundtrack. There is also a story mode.

The game is out 21 October but a demo is available now.

Dragon Quest

VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past has been reimaged for 3DS. Traveller’s tablets are used to unlock new dungeons and many will be released when the game comes out on 16 September.

If you purchase the game on eShop, you’ll get a few theme for your 3DS.

VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is also on the way for 3DS and is due for release early next year.

Picross 3D: Round 2

Over 300 puzzles to complete. Blocks can now be painted with two colours to add to the complexity and length of the game. Amiibo functionality has also been added; tapping an amiibo gives you access to a special puzzle.

Picross 3D: Round 2

Out 2 December. But the original game is available on eShop now too.

StreetPass Mii Plaza

An update includes a fast plaza mode, plus the premium version lets you now queue up to 100 players!

Nintendo Streetpass

There are also five new fast-paced StreetPass games: Slot Racer, Trader, Chef, Explorers, Ninja. The Explorers one looks the most fun for me! You can get Slot Racer or Trader for free, and the others can then be bundled in a special price.

Tank Troopers

A new game for eShop with a demolition derby feel. It is coming out next year.

Not really my kind of game, so I don’t have much to say!

Poochy & Yoshi’s Woolly World

The 3DS version of Yoshi’s Woolly World includes some new features, the big one being Poochy-exclusive levels. There will also be a yarn amiibo of Poochy. The game and amiibo are out on 3 February next year. There is a bundle with both.

Poochy amiibo

Ever Oasis

A new adventure RPG set in the desert, with Zelda-like puzzling. You can also craft items to help other travellers, and sell items to shops to grow your oasis town. Looks fun!

It’s out next year.

Ever Oasis

Mario Sports Superstars

Really not into Mario or sports games, but it could be a fun multiplayer game. It has football (soccer), baseball, tennis, golf and horse racing.

Out next year.

Mario Sports Superstars


Finally, we have a side scrolling Pikmin adventure. Less complex than the other Pikmin games, but I think it should still be fun. The focus is on puzzles and action adventure, and from the video it looks like it will use both screens quite well. I’m looking forward to it!

It’s out next year too.


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